Name: Ms Yuen Choi Wan
  Position: Council Member
    My name is Choi wan Yuen, from Hong Kong, living with husband and son in Hemel Hempstead. I studied in Christian secondary school. I began to know Christianity. In 1995, I decided to believe in Jesus. However, after graduating from school, I suddenly did not want to go to church. Then I left God from time to time. I also worship other gods. I got married and moved to the United Kingdom in 2006. The cultural shock made me not tend to go out and communicate with people. The relationship between I and mother-in-law is not good. I fell into the great darkness and pain. I tried to ask my husband for help, but no one can understand me. So I turned the other gods. I found that all the gods only made me feel more dark and panic, and even wanted to suicide. At this time, I heard God call me again: "Get the Bible!" I took the bible and read and I found hope and peace in God. I decided to walk with Jesus for life. Thank you God to lead me back. I baptized in 2011. I joined the council in 2017, hoping to serve Christ.