Our missionary department was set up in 1994.


Our Goals:


  1. Offering our prayers and financial assistance to support missionaries who were once the Theology

          students trained up in our church. (They are now serving in various part of the world, including

          France, Poland, England, China and Hong Kong.)

  1. Offering our prayers and financial assistance to support various missionary organisations across

          the world.

  1. To demonstrate to and to teach our members the importance of the Great Command taught by

          Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19) and to achieve it at least through the work of our missionary



Our activities include:


  1. A Missionary Sunday at least once a year during a Sunday service including a sermon preached

          by a missionary.

  1. Prayer meetings to pray for missionaries and missionary organisations we support.
  2. Setting up an annual budget each year which is equal to 10% of our total church income for the

          spending towards missionaries and missionary organisations.

  1. Giving out the total offerings to individual missionaries and missionary organisations during the

          year, aiming to meet their needs and request.


Our historical spending is listed, please click Link: