Luton Chinese Christian Church was founded by the Chinese Overseas Christian Mission in England. It was back in 1986 and 1987 when Pastor Frank Cheung had led two Summer Outreach Teams to visit the Chinese people in Luton and the surrounding districts.


With the wonderful grace of God, a Bible Study Group was instantly formed in August 1987.  This group had then grown gradually into a much larger congregation including a lot of brothers and sisters from Milton Keynes.


Consequently, the first Sunday Service was held on 9 October 1988 in the Methodist church in High Town of Luton. Then the congregation had grown even bigger so much that in the July 2000, Milton Keynes Chinese Church was further established and some of us had started their service there.


Until a meeting of the members on 19/8/2007, Luton Chinese Christian Congregation had decided to adopt the name of “Luton Chinese Christian Church” in order to register with the Charity Commission and therefore written our Church Constitution. Up to this year, our church is 29 years old already.


Yes, because one of our elders was praying for many years, God had answered her prayer and established the Luton Chinese Christian Church, and in addition, the Milton Keynes Chinese Church. As we can see that our brothers and sisters are so blessed with their transformed new lives, it is a witness of God’s amazing grace.